Welcome to the 173rd JAOBC official site for sources of humiliation and extortion.   This will eventually be the repository of all my JAG-related images and slideshows.  If you want a super-duper high quality slide show on DVD, send me a SASE with a blank DVD, and give me about a week to get it back to you.  The envelope should be padded with enough postage for the DVD.  This is not because I am cheap--I am busy.  My wife's pound of flesh for my training mobilization is a new house with its attendant move.  I don't sleep much.


1LT Phil Lowry
120 East 300 North
PO Box 1248
Provo, UT 84603

There are two types of files for the slideshows.  The first is a .exe file that will give high quality, plus you get to keep it because you save it to run it.  The other is a flash file that will play on your browser, but that you cannot save.   Mac users, you have to use the flash file (the Mac can't run the .exe file).  I recommend that you get Parallels software so you can run Windows on your machine.  Yeah, I know it sucks.  I will try to load Quicktime file on here soon, but the sucker is going to be 100 MB+ even with compression.

As it is, the .exe files are quite big.  Just start downloading and then grab a nice glass of soymilk or something.

I will be adding shows and a zip file of all the photos in the next ten days.  Cheers.  27 NOV 2007

173rd.exe (small)

173rdtribute.exe (same show, but larger)

173rd (flash)


Stack '08.exe