2005-06 Avalanche Reports by Phil Lowry


Runnels on a north-facing slope in Whittemore Canyon at about 8000', caused by the 12-22-05 rain event:

Slick, thick and very dangerous ice layer on the snow from 7500' to 8500', all aspects, caused by the 12-22-05 rain event:


Avalanche breaking on southeast facing slope in Bartholomew Hollow on rain crust, almost certainly between 0000 and 0600 on New Year's Day (lots of wind and snow); looks to be about 2-3 feet deep in likely wind slab, plus inverted conditions prompted by warm front. Overview photo is quite large for those with dial-up--my apologies.  Credit to Ian Lowry (13) for spotting this one in very flat light on our way back from Church.




1/5/06 Provo snowpack profile at 8,000' near Apache Flat (top of First Right Fork Rock Canyon); I am holding the Christmas rain crust.