2008 Race Photos

 The maps immediately below are for the Bighorn 100 2008 revised course.  The maps are best viewed outside of your browser in a stand alone viewer, like Microsoft Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.  To save the maps to your hard drive and view them in a viewer: (1) click on the thumbnail to open the large map; (2) right click on the map after it loads; (3)  choose "save image as" and then save it where you want it on your hard drive.  You can then open it in your viewer by clicking on it in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.  NOTE: the maps are very detailed and very large.  You can zoom in on them in your viewer with great detail.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MAPS MAY APPEAR SPECKLED OR OF LOW RESOLUTION IN YOUR BROWSER.  This is your browser's fault, not the map's.  Save it as described above, and you will see that the maps are very high resolution.  Some browsers will let you zoom on the map in the browser.  This is also a good option.

Note on map markings.  This year's Bighorn 100 has numerous out'n'backs.  The maps are designed so you know which stretches are out and back.  Look for these  between aid stations.  If you see or , this is an out and back stretch.  If you see , this means you will pass this area twice in the same direction, as part of a loop.  Maps can only go so far to guide you, however.  You MUST read the revised course directions to make sure you are OK, but, thankfully, the aid station folks will get you pointed in the right direction. 

Please note that these course depictions have not been field-checked with a GPS, which I always prefer.  But, they are based on very recent USGS maps and good observations from the Bighorn 100 directors.  I appreciate their working with me to produce these maps.