Wasatch Speedgoat 50K

This is a tough one to map because of the intestinal loops, so bear with me.

There are two overview maps.  The first one gives you just the course.  The second one gives you the course with color codes in order: first 18.2 miles in RED, 18.2 to 25 (including the tunnel) in BLUE, and the last five miles in YELLOW.   This should give you a good view of how the course unfolds with a big picture.

The detailed maps are hyperzoomed and show mile posts at every tenth of a mile.  They look like this: "SG11".  This means Speedgoat Mile 1.1.  SG269 is Mile 26.9.  Get the idea?  Your other option is to use the course directions to get the ebb and flow of the course.

Sorry that we didn't get something done with cute arrows and all, but we just finished GPSing the course last Saturday, and it has been tough to throw it all together so fast.  But it looks like a killer course!

Course Directions

Start at the base of the Peruvian Express lift.  Proceed down Ski School Lane to the base of Gadzoom, continue uphill on service road to the mid station of Gad 1, continue uphill on service road .2 then go left down Dick Bass Highway for .5 miles. Go right at Chauners Traverse and up singletrack on Chips.  Go right at Rothmans Way to the top of the Wilbere Chair, go left uphill .7 miles.SELF SERVE WATER STATION ONLY. Next Medical aid is on the Peak at Aid # 1. Go right just below Mid Gad restaurant and follow service road to the top of Gad 2.  Proceed down Singletrack and connect back to the top of Gadzoom.  Up Gad Valley Trail across Regulator Johnson to fence, down through the tunnel, around the back traverse to the peak. AID STATION 1 (MEDICAL).

¨     Leave Summit, under Mineral Basin Express Lift and go right at Schmutz’s, across Baldy Ridge to the top of Mt. Baldy then down to the top of the Sugarloaf Chair, and go 100 yards and make a right ,(DO NOT GO UNDER THE LIFT!) down to the base of Mineral Basin (WATER STATION ONLY, Medical at Mary Ellen Gulch and back on Peak), but not self manned, proceed left (downhill) and continue down rocky road staying on South and East side on Snowbird Property.  Connect up to Mary Ellen Gulch Road and  AID STATION #2 (Medical).

¨     Up Mary Ellen Gulch road about 2 miles until you reach the singletrack that leads back to Sinners Pass.  Go over Sinners pass and proceed down to Mineral Basin road, turn left and go uphill to the base of Mineral Basin.  WATER STATION ONLY (not self manned) Medical on the Peak.  Stay left and go uphill to the Mineral Basin Service road.  Go .1 of a mile and go left up singletrack towards Paradise Bowl,work way across back of Snowbird to Tunnel.  AID STATION 3 (Medical on Peak).

¨     From Tunnel go down service road to the top of Middle Mens Downhill, go left up the Ridge Trail to fence at the top of Great Scott, turn right down Regulator, go .5 miles,  at intersection go left up Little Cloud Bowl to the top of the Little Cloud Lift, then up to the Peak Aid Station #4, (Medical) Turn around and back down to the top of Little Cloud Lift and go LEFT for .1 then sharp left down to the base of Mineral Basin, the same way we came up earlier.  At the base of Mineral (WATER ONLYnot self manned).  Medical on Peak. Go left uphill to Sugarloaf Pass.  Go left at Sugarloaf Pass, under lift and across service road back up to Gorilla Pass, make a left up Schmutz’s to summit.  AID STATION 5 (Medical). 

Last Descent: Go down service road to the top of Little Cloud Lift and proceed straight into Little Cloud Bowl.  Down singletrack to junction at top of Gadzoom, go right down service road past Mid Gad Restaurant, down service road to the top of Wilbere Chair, go left here and then a sharp right down Dick Bass Highway to the finish.


Overview (monocolor):

Overview (red, then blue, then yellow):

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Detailed maps with mileposts: