Squaw Peak 50 Mile Run--Utah and Wasatch Counties, Utah








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Overview Maps

 100K  24K(very detailed, zoomable)

Detailed Maps (unshaded)

 StartHopeRock CynKolob Pole Heaven

Hobble CreekSheep CreekLittle Valley

Very Detailed Maps (shaded)(in order of the race)



The kml file shows the course in Google Earth.  The three shape files (with the "PL") (must be saved together in same folder) can be used in just about any GIS software.  The gpx file can be imported into most GPS and mapping software.

sp50 Master 20080527.kml


sp50 Master 20080527_PL.dbf

sp50 Master 20080527_PL.shp

sp50 Master 20080527_PL.shx


sp50 Master 20080527.gpx



Location Mileage Elevation
Start 0.00 5194
Hope CG 5.587 6675
Rock Cyn 10.853 7695
Kolob Overlook 14.629 8527
Pole Heaven Gate 20.943 5775
Left Fork 26.051 5716
Sheep Creek 29.987 6645
Little Valley 33.528 7128
Windy Pass 41.499 8923
Finish 50.861 5194


Mileages were measures using survey-grade GPS laid over a 3D digital model of elevation.  Average course elevation is 6890'.  The Squaw Peak 50 is one of the first races in the world to submit to survey-grade GPS measurement.

2008 Updates

June 2, 2008--Traverse on Squaw Peak Trail before Kolob Overlook

June 1, 2008--Windy Pass and Baldy from Alpine Loop

May 29, 2008

Windy Pass (from the south)

Pass between Little Valley and South Fork

Above Sheep Creek


Little Valley Road Conditions, May 27, 2008

Little Valley and Sheep Creek, May 27, 2008 

Top of Left Fork  (8000'), May 24, 2008 


2006 Updates

Photos from Timpanogos Summit, May 20, 2006:

Aftermath of cold May storm, Memorial Day (May 29, 2006)(photos are of the course or of areas near the course on the old Katcina Mosa 100K course):


2005 Race Photos (click here)

Squaw Peak 50 Updates and Miscellany


Sheep Creek aid station on April 28, 2005.

Huge Avalanche and views looking south from Rock Canyon Campground area, May 16, 2005

Windy Pass and Sheep Creek Aid, May 19, 2005

Looking south from Rock Canyon, May 20, 2005, and Rock Creek in flood

Pole Heaven Wasatch Back Sheep Creek Aid Station Top of Left Fork looking SW Timp, looking over Little Valley

Sheep Creek Pass Katcina Mosa Course,
above Sheep Creek
Wing Flat Pass,
above Sheep Creek
Little Valley Ascending out of Little Valley
to Sheep Creek

Sheep Creek Valley The Trail (Sheep Creek) Natural fauna in Sheep Creek Valley    

Table Above: May 21, 2005.

May 22, 2005: The Traverse between Rock Canyon and Kolob Overlook.  Yeah, it's deep, but by race day it will be FUN!!

May 23, 2005: Rock Canyon in flood

May 25, 2005 aerial photos of Wasatch Range; SP50 course and Windy Pass visible

Windy Pass Upper Left Fork Hobble Creek Looking NW from top of Left Fork Wardsworth Peak (Left Fork) Provo Peak area from Left Fork
Sheep Creek Aid Top of Left Fork Rattlesnake Mt. above Sheep Creek Top of Left Fork  

May 24, 2005 photos of the course

Squaw Peak Trail (Horse Mountain segment) Camel Pass and Pole Heaven Windy, Berryport and Sheep Creek Passes

May 27, 2005 aerial photos

May 28, 2005: The Traverse between Rock Canyon and Kolob Overlook.

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